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Healthy spine
Yoga, massages and swimming in the sea - will help your tired back! Indian yogis believed that human health can be determined by how healthy and flexible his spine is. It is interesting that the ancient yogis would say looking at a modern person, who already from school age suffers from back pain, works long and hard sitting postures and can not relax, has a curvature, which eventually will lead to diseases of other organs? Yogis would say - take care of yourself and urgently!
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Ayurveda and yoga claim that the main source of health of our body is a healthy mind. The program "Antistress" first removes the effects of stress on the physical level, then helps to get rid of negative and obsessive thoughts, then increases the overall energy level.
You finally remember the feeling of "free head", feel a surge of physical strength and remember what happiness is.
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Stress, life in the conditions of the city, poor ecology, polluted products and water, intense rhythm of life — all this takes us young and good health day after day. One face cream does not solve the problem of rejuvenating the body when you are over 40. Do you agree?
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Yoga and Ayurveda
A few years ago we developed special programs on yoga and ayurveda - and we realized that they work fine - on the experience of 530 of our tourists! In each of these programs, there is one goal, to the achievement of which both asanas, breathing practices, meditations, and Ayurvedic procedures will be directed, lectures on this topic will be delivered.
Yoga and Ayurveda - two strong wars that will fight together with problems and diseases.
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